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Moray Estates supply quality firewood in the Moray Firth area.

All of our firewood comes from our own forests and woodlands which we managed under the FSC UK Woodland Assurance Standard.  This ensures that the firewood that we are selling comes from a sustainable source with a very low carbon footprint.  

Like many reputable firewood suppliers around the country we are keen to sell good quality firewood at a fair price and in such a way that the potential customer can compare ‘apples with apples’.

As we fell, process, store and deliver the firewood ourselves we can be sure that what is delivered to our customers is what we say it is.  Our firewood comes from our own forests and not imported.

We only sell processed firewood by the loose cubic metre as this volume measurement provides consistency and can be checked and compared against other suppliers.

We process or firewood logs into vented log bags for a two summer seasoning period.  These bags have an internal volume of 1m3 and we fill these bags to the brim and stored under drying covers that lets the wind in and rain and snow out.

We do not kiln dry our logs as we aim maintain a low carbon footprint. Instead we use the sun and the wind to dry logs, storing them under covers.

We convert branch wood into log nuggets which can be used as a fuel for stoves, log gasification boilers, pizza/bread ovens, chimneas and fire pits.

We will deliver locally and if arranged firewood can be collected from our yard. Normal delivery will consist of dropping a load from our truck or trailer onto a driveway or yard.  

If you would like us to stack directly into your woodshed we do provide a stacking service.

For more information email info@morayfirewood.co.uk or call 01309 672 213

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