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Sustainable supply of firewood - Silvicultural thinning


We are soon to start harvesting beech tree at Darnaway.  This tree felling work is undertaken as part of a long-term forest plan that has been approved by Scottish Forestry (previously know as the Forestry Commission).

By taking various measurements of the trees in the forest we can calculate the volume and number of beech trees that we can remove and convert into firewood logs whilst ensuring that we maintain a productive forest from both sustainable timber supply and biodiversity perspectives.

Trialing trans Atlantic Fuelwood partner


Smoke & Flame are a quality outfit.  We are considering trialing a trans Atlantic partnership with these guys:  Smoke & Flame Promo Video

Log Nuggets under production


With the arrival of our TR110 Branch Logger from Welmac UK Ltd we have started production of Log Nuggets from the branches of hardwood trees harvested during sustainable thinning operations.

Because of the high surface area of the log nuggets and good calorific value of beech, oak and elm these nuggets burn at a high temperature for a surprisingly long time. They are definitely worth a try.

As with all of our firewood we are looking to reduce the carbon energy footprint of our fuelwood.  The production of Log Nuggets minimises transport and processing and maximises the biomass used out of harvested trees therefore have a very low carbon footprint.

As 100% of our logs are derived from our own woodland which is FSC accredited you can be confident that our wood production is sustainable and has a positive impact on biodiversity.